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After UCL Draw Last 16 Which? Eight Teams Possibly Go Next Round

UCL Draw which was held on November 7, 2022, at UEFA headquarters in Nyon, Switzerland, After the draw, we can see the line of up last 16 and now here we discuss possibly the winner of this match and which team possibly go through next round of UCL Quarter.

RB Leipzig gets EPL Champions Manchester City and the last two editions of UCL 20/21 finalist and 21/22 Semifinalist team Man City face each other and these two meet each other before also this competition and man city lose one and win one but this year Man City is more completed team hopefully they can qualify next round but not easy

Club Brugge faces Benfica these two teams played very well this term and also the previous season also very well played Benfica they qualify Quarter final of UCL, and we can believe Benfica will be the Favourite qualify to for the next round of UCL.

Liverpool Gets Spanish Giants Uefa Record time winner Real Madrid the last time 21/22 seasons champions league winner and Runner they played each other again this year last 16 and one teams go through and another one will be eliminated now this season playing matches we can see Liverpool not favorite of this task and also Liverpool Last win 2009 against Real after they played six-time and lose five times draw another one but you can know this match played the next year 2023 anything can possible to happen but our Favourite to qualify next round Real Madrid.

Milan Vs Tottenham Hotspurs Italian champions AC Milan played against Spurs and these two teams have not played very well this term UCL group stage they can qualify but have not played like champions I think Tottenham is the favorite qualify to next round Previous four meetings these teams Uefa Cup, and UCL Spurs win two matches and draw the other two and two time Tottenham will qualify for the next round.

Eintracht Frankfurt VS Napoli Italian Napoli gets the Last time Europa league Winner German side Eintracht Frankfurt And Napoli Manager Spalletti Happy about this tie, Eintracht Frankfurt does not have too much memory of UCL last time they played European Cup 1959-60 and they can qualify for the final and lost against Real Madrid, Our think this task not easy for any team hope Napoli can qualify for the next round of UCL.

Dortmund Vs Chelsea English Giants and also two-time UCL Winner Chelsea played against German Giants Borussia Dortmund Chelsea and Borussia both teams well played and qualify the last 16 this tie is very touchy to say what will be happening these two teams meet each other for the first time on UCL and European Cup History we can Favour for this task Chelsea FC Our think CFC Will qualify for the next round.

Inter Milan gets Porto both are winners of UCL Porto won 2003/04 and Inter Milan won 2009/10 these two teams meet each other last time in this competition 2004/05 Round of 16 and 2005/06 Group stage both time Inter Milan win their home matches and one away match lost and another one also draw We Have this task is tough but our Favourite Inter Milan Qualify for the Next Round.

PSG Gets Bayern Munich another big Draw and big matches I think all the football fans Enjoy these matches Same as Liverpool Versus Real Madrid, PSG well played some years in UCL but they do not have a good memory of this competition not winning UCL Any time, But Bayern Are six-time winner they have more confidence of this like big matches but when meeting PSG and Bayern they fight at least try your best to go through for the next Round 2019/20 Final PSG lost 1-0 but after year 20/21 Quarter Final meet each and others and this time PSG will be Qualify for the Next Round but now this season Bayern Munich playing UCL against Inter Milan and Also Spanish Giants FC Barca but after also they can win all the six matches here says to which team will qualify for the next Round very toughest decision then also we can try our think Bayern Munich Our favorite to Qualify for the round of Quarter Final.