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Brazil-Argentina meet in September!

Despite thousands of attempts, Argentina will not be able to play that World Cup tie against Brazil.

FIFA has given instructions for the ‘canceled’ match to be played at the scheduled time. That is why Brazil will have to make the final decision on the match venue next Wednesday.

Argentina faced arch-rivals Brazil in a fierce World Cup qualifier in Sao Paulo in September last year.

In the 7th minute of the match, Brazilian health department officials rushed onto the pitch to catch the four Argentine players who were accused of violating the coveted restrictions. The match was postponed.

Argentina expected the full three points from Pond’s match to go to them. But more than five months later, in February, FIFA ordered the match rescheduled.

FIFA also sanctioned two games against four Argentine soccer players, Romero, Emiliano Martínez, Emiliano Buendía, and Giovanni Lo Celso, for allegedly entering Brazil with false information.

But in the meantime, the game ceased to be important for both teams. Because Qatar already has a guaranteed ticket to the World Cup with two Latin American superpowers.

For this reason, Brazil and Argentina wanted to avoid the match at any cost.

But that is no longer happening. FIFA has instructed that the match, which was canceled, be rescheduled for September 22.

Brazil must inform FIFA of the venue for that match before Wednesday.

Meanwhile, the Brazilian Football Federation is reviewing the three venues to host the match: Europe, the United States, and Brazil.

Brazil has plans to play a friendly against an African team after the match against Argentina in Europe.

Meanwhile, the United States has long been interested in hosting the Brazil-Argentina duo. Brazil also has your words in mind. Without either, Brazil would like to host Argentina at home.

Source:, Argentina