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Last WC with 32 teams

This will be the last World Cup to feature 32 teams after seeing many firsts. start next season The World Cup will be a 48-team tournament, but while Qatar hosts the most expensive World Cup in history Qatar faces thousands of allegations. including unethical financial transactions political lobbying Exploitation of migrant workers anti-gay attitudes and human rights violations.

From the roof of the house to the top of the tree, flags of favorite teams, including Brazil and Argentina, are flying proudly everywhere. Messi on the chest of one, Neymar on the back of the other.

Alley-Gali nonsense about which shirt is heavier is boiling in a teacup. Social media still works, but the World Cup frenzy has not reached its peak yet! The World Cup means spring for football lovers. Spring comes every 4 years in June-July. In the blink of an eye, it arrived in November-December.

It’s not uncommon for romantic soccer fans who aren’t used to watching the World Cup anonymously to get used to the new spring schedule. ever been But as soon as the battle in the field began The blood will pulsate.

The blizzard will signal that spring has arrived. Across the ocean of controversies, uncertainty, protests, and obstacles, the 22nd edition of the Football World Cup is being unveiled today. After a grand opening ceremony at Doha’s Al Bait Stadium, hosts Qatar will face Ecuador in the opening match at 4 PM UK Time.

29 days, 32 teams and 64 matches known as the ‘Greatest Show on Earth’, the last episode of this grand event will be staged on December 18 in Lusail.

Everyone loves Brazil, Argentina, and France, from supercomputers to football hooligans. The three heroes of this trio, Neymar, Lionel Messi, and Kylian Mbappe play in the same club. Their club belongs to Qatar, PSG. So, if the favorite theory doesn’t linger, the Qatar World Cup trophy will go to a club owned by Qatar! But all predictions about who will win the trophy on December 18 are based only on statistics and assumptions.

The final between France and Croatia in the Russia 2018 World Cup was unimaginable for many. Even this time, the possibility of something unimaginable happening cannot be ruled out. In addition to Brazil, Argentina, and France, this time Germany, Spain, England, Belgium, and Portugal are discussed. Black horses are in the Netherlands, Denmark, and Uruguay.

except for Europe and Latin America, No country has ever won a World Cup, this time the probability of crossing the line is slim. But Latin America can break European dominance. Two Latin powers, Brazil and Argentina, arrived in Qatar with the best preparations.

Messi is desperate to end Argentina’s 36-year world title hunger at this World Cup final. Brazil is a record-breaking five-time champion. The last time it was 2002 championship was hosted by two Asian countries, Japan and South Korea, this time it was the World Cup on Asian soil too. Neymar dreams of adding six stars to his jersey after a twenty-year drought.

The World Cup gave birth to something new. However, the first World Cup held in the Middle East and the Arab world is like a new event. Due to the extremely hot weather in Qatar Therefore this season has been moved to winter. Although there is a lot of controversy about it. However, as the World Cup is in the middle of the season, the energy of the players is at its peak. The game will be dynamic.

Tech balls were introduced for the first time in World Cup history. The first one used is semi-automatic offside technology. There is an information application for football players. This is also the first air-conditioned stadium. Eight World Cup stadiums are just 55km away, and the result is the busiest World Cup in history. where 3 female referees will judge the competition.

FIFA president Gianni Infantino criticized Qatar’s World Cup. At a press conference held in Doha yesterday, he said before the ceremony: Such criticism is hypocrisy. French lawyer Julerime, who dreams of the World Cup, believes that football can unite the world under the banner of peace. That expectation echoed in Infantino’s voice yesterday.