Pique surprisingly announced her retirement in “Saturday’s last game at Camp Nou”. – Football World

Pique surprisingly announced her retirement in “Saturday’s last game at Camp Nou”.

The 35-year-old defender will play his last game for the Blaugrana against Almeria at Camp Nou on Saturday.

The Spanish defender announced his decision to quit football in a tweet: “I’ve always said that I won’t have another team after Barcelona, ​​and that’s how it will be.”

Barcelona (Catalonia, Spain) – Lightning strikes from a clear sky over houses in Barcelona. Gerard Pique officially announced his retirement from football with a message he posted on his social media profile:

Pique wins everything for FC Barcelona, Even also for his country won World Cup in 2010, And the UEFA European Championship 2012.

“There has been a lot of talk about me in the past months, but I kept quiet, but now it’s my turn to speak. You all know I was always in Barcelona, and football has always been a part of my life, I always wanted to be a Barça player lately. I think a lot about little Gerrard. I was told that he would make all his dreams come true. The team, to win championships, to be champion in Europe, in the world. I am. I will play close to the best of all time, I will be the captain. I came back from Barcelona 25 years ago. Football gave me everything, Barcelona gave me everything. The fans gave me everything.”

Coming in as president – ​​Pique quit football and became a fan. But it will never be just a fan. He’s already said he’ll be back, and everyone thinks he’s in one role: the role of president. This was already the case in Pectora, especially during the darkest days of Bartomeu’s regime. We don’t know when, but it’s easy to predict that the defender, who won everything with Barca, will aim to watch matches at Camp Nou in the president’s booth. have time