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Problems Of Chelsea FC 22/23

CFC sacked already two Managers Thomas Tuchel and then Graham Potter now manages Club legend Lampard again and he lose his first three matches already.

Inconsistency: Chelsea has struggled with inconsistency in their performances in recent seasons. While they have shown their quality in some games, they have also had some disappointing performances.

Lack of finishing: Despite having some talented attacking players, Chelsea have often struggled to convert their chances into goals. This has resulted in them dropping points in games they could have won.

Defensive issues: While Chelsea has a solid defense, they have shown some vulnerability at times, especially when dealing with crosses and set-pieces.

Managerial turnover: Chelsea has gone through several managerial changes in recent years, which can disrupt the team’s stability and affect their performance.

Squad depth: While Chelsea has a talented squad, they may lack depth in certain areas, especially in attack.

Pressure: Chelsea is a big club with high expectations, and the pressure to perform can sometimes affect the players’ confidence and morale.

It’s worth noting that every team faces its own unique set of challenges, and Chelsea is no exception. However, they have also had some successes in recent years, including winning the Champions League in 2021, so it’s important to acknowledge their strengths as well as their weaknesses.