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Real sold the “Messi of Japan”

The young footballer Takefusa Kubo is called the “Messi of Japan”. He couldn’t stay at Real Madrid after Barcelona.

The Spanish club sold it to Real Sociedad.

Real Sociedad has signed Kubo for five years.

His transfer was confirmed on Real’s website on Tuesday. However, nothing was said about the transfer fee.

He wanted to join Messi’s favorite club Barcelona early in his career. But since he’s under the age of 18, the Catalan club has a hard time getting FIFA to sign him. Barça has vetoed the purchase of new players.

In June 2019, Real Madrid signed Kubo from FC Tokyo for a six-year contract worth € 2 million. Although Kuber hasn’t gotten many matches for the club. Most of the time he had to play somewhere else on the sidelines. Kube played last season for another Spanish club, Mallorca. He also played for this team in the 2019-20 season.

“Japan’s Messi” can still be matched in club football. The 21-year-old Japanese star has so far made 18 caps for his country’s national team, scoring one goal.