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Reasons why Modric is unique, incomparable

The football world adores him. Analysts discuss his performance on television. His fans joined the march with their poster. Luka Modric is not used to seeing such crazy things with Messi, Ronaldo, and Neymar. The funny thing is, he doesn’t mind these things at all. The greed to be in the headlines never chased him. He didn’t try to get all the credit for his team winning. During the discussion, they did not lose sleep at night. So maybe no private time is wasted discussing it.

But what could be less than the courage of Messi-Ronaldo? While the 37-year-old’s play has been widely debated, Modric has been a force to be reckoned with in midfield. He became the opponent’s nightmare, who was the architect behind the team’s only success. Therefore, he never needed to be listed among the superstars. That is why it is unique, and incomparable.

He is a team man on the field. And “family man” off the pitch. Shortly after his birth, he saw the sad face of war-torn Croatia up close. Maybe that’s why Mayabi doesn’t like walking around in shoes. His relief is to wet his feet in the dew. That’s why he didn’t seem to burst with excitement, even after losing to five-time world champions Brazil in the quarter-finals. Instead, he ran to the children standing to the side. All. Name, age, and fame are relative. This one stays, it flies like camphor. So no matter what, he does his job with the same mindset as the party youth.

He dribbled, sometimes playing the role of a defensive midfielder and sometimes offensive midfielder. But despite their desperate efforts, Croatia, a country of 4 million people, did not flourish. The runners-up’s last semi-final trip ended with Messi’s 3-0 defeat against Argentina.

Russia recalled Modric’s tearful past. France won the cup and beat them in the final. The wheel of fortune did not turn in Qatar. History repeated itself. Modric remains a tragic hero again on a sad night.

This time, Messi-Magi had to fight to the teeth. However, he wrote the story of how many victories against this Messi, who once played for Barcelona. Bill brought home many trophies during his 10 years as a loyal soldier in Madrid. He also won the Ballon d’Or as one of the most important midfielders. But he has to return empty-handed from the last World Cup.

Their success was damaged once again on the night Messi won. Modric may not be a so-called hero, but he has a devoted inner hero. So the football world of the future will thank him.