This World Cup is the last chance to realize my dreams: Messi – Football World

This World Cup is the last chance to realize my dreams: Messi

He has seen no fewer ups and downs in life. So are his personal achievements, which have reached the pinnacle of success in his club career.

The dream came close again and again with the national team jersey. Lionel Messi now has every possible title except the World Cup.

He reached the twilight of his career, and he realized it himself. The World Cup in Qatar could be his last chance to touch the elusive trophy. Argentina plays its first World Cup match against Saudi Arabia on Tuesday 22 November. In his earlier press conference, Messi had said that the World Cup moment was special for him.

“This moment is special, probably my last World Cup,” said the Albiceleste captain. Last chance to make my dreams come true. ‘

He did not train with the team before the World Cup, there are many rumors. Will Messi not play then? He dismissed them at the press conference. He said that he felt good both physically and mentally.

Messi said: “I feel very well, very well. In terms of the game, I came here in a good physical and mental state. I have no problems. I have heard many rumors that he will not go to training. , it’s just a warning. There is nothing unusual or out of the ordinary.”

“We are halfway through the season and I feel good. We will pick up after playing some games I played a few days ago. I tried until the World Cup.”

“I didn’t do anything different, I took care of myself. I did what I’ve done my whole career.”