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Argentina in the round of 16 as group champions

The season started with a loss against Saudi Arabia. Everything changed so quickly.

The confidence brought by Argentina unbeaten in 36 matches has been shaken. Many thought so. But those who watched the last two group-stage matches will see Argentina again among the championship contenders. The Albiceleste didn’t care about Poland after Mexico. Lionel Scaloni’s side beat Stadium 974 2-0 to progress to the last 16 of Group C as champions. They confirmed their lead with 6 points. Poland also reached the last sixteen. Although they have 4 points equal to Mexico, they are ahead on goal.

If they lose in the Albiceleste, they will have to enter the field with a bye equation. That’s why aggressive Argentines rallied from the very beginning of the match. The ball is seen again and again in the Polish castle. Lionel Messi-Di Maria staged one attack after another for the goal. But I couldn’t find the fake address. Polish goalkeeper Wojciech Szejny blocked it. Qatar has already proven itself in the World Cup. Today he explained why Poland trusts him. He has disappointed Messi many times.

In the 10th minute of the match, Messi took a powerful shot to the goal. He easily blocked the shot with his left foot. In the 33rd minute, Angel Di Maria’s corner just missed the target. But Sejni’s hand did not allow it. He brought down Messi in the D-box in the 36th minute with that hand. Argentina takes a penalty. But Sejni suddenly turned from villain to hero. Messi’s blank shot was blocked by the Polish goalkeeper by diving to his left with his right hand. After the break, however, he could not stay on the sidelines.

After many attempts, Argentina broke the deadlock in the 46th minute. Alistair dropped the stone from Messi’s chest in the 46th minute. Molina’s center found the net with a low corner from the left.

Argentina had to wait just 21 minutes for the second goal. Julián Alvarez’s pass from Enso Fernandes eliminated the danger. Despite Messi being goalless, his dominance across the pitch was worth watching. On the other hand, the crowd can count how many times Poland’s main star Robert Lewandowski has touched the ball. Because the Poles did not find this opportunity to attack. He couldn’t shoot on target. Argentina fired 12 shots. This describes how Argentina’s dominance came about.