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Australian coach said: We Beat Argentina easily

Australian coach Graham Arnold is confident of the team that will face Argentina in the last 16 of the 2022 World Cup. The soccer coach insists his team will lose Lionel Messi.

His claim has already received a lot of response in Argentina.

Australia faces Argentina next Sunday at 7 pm UK time. Earlier, the team’s coach expressed his determination to beat Argentina in an interview with his country’s “Channel Ten” program “The Project”. “Tell us Australia will beat Argentina led by the legendary Lionel Messi,” host Peter Hellier told Arnold. ‘

In response, the football coach said: ‘Are we going to win? of course, I coached the team at the last Olympics in Tokyo (Australia). There we beat Argentina 2-0. Yellow shirt vs blue-white shirt fight and 11v11’

The video was rebroadcast in Argentina by ESPN and several national media outlets. Arnold’s speech took Argentina by storm. The country’s fans are also urging social media to look at the differences in football statistics and strength.

Graham Arnold’s second comment also gets a thorn in the chest of Argentine fans. The coach said he would like to see Brazil as an opponent if he wins all the remaining matches and reaches the final, “We want to play against the best in the world… We are one of the 32 best teams in the world and we are among the 16 best at the moment. We want to test ourselves at the highest level by playing against the best teams and show the world who we are.’