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Europa League, Top 4 Candidates to be Qualified for the Finals?

The 2020/21 UEFA Europa League has been fascinating for Villareal, who wins the title for the 1st time beating Manchester United in the finals. Finishing the season with a victory has uplifted the entire team’s confidence and prepared them to perform in the UEFA champions league as they directly qualified for it.

The Villareal, champions of the previous season already qualified for the UEFA champions league for the next season. Which has increased their chance to perform up to the mark to make a better place.  Just like they manage their stance by remaining on top on their group, the Spanish football club under the leadership of Unai Emery, has begun their grounding to win more trophies.

It is awful for Villareal fans, that their team could not be able to defend their title for the 2021/22 season unless they ended with champions’ league group stage at third position. As they didn’t qualify for the upcoming season, they won’t be able to defend their EUROPA League 2021/22.

A new Europa League champion is going to lift the trophy.

On the other hand, Brendan Rodgers, FA cup 2020/21 winner “Leicester City” has automatically qualified for the group stages and has become a threat for all the group stages teams. The The Foxes come back with some major plan and it is anticipated that they are going to surprise the entire UEFA Europa league teams. As they automatically qualified from the English premium leagues standings the Leicester looking forward to clinch the Europa title from Villareal.

Another English club reserved its place for the group stages. The West Ham United is going to surprise everyone, ending with 6th position in its national league “EPL” for the 2020/21 season the Hammers have the guts to win to the Europa title. Remember the West Ham Head Coad “David Moyes.

The Lazio and the Napoli, Real Betis, Real Sociedad also reserved their places for the group stages, where this all teams have tough competition with the Leicester and West Ham. All the teams have charismatic players in them who can take their teams for winning the title. But what happened next?

In the next phase, we will see Europa league matches, where teams will battle hard to clinch the title and booked their name as champions just like Villareal did in the last season. We are expecting to see a severe competition between Real Betis and West Ham for the title, which will bring this entire tournament more exciting and cheering for their fans.