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The Jürgen Klopp’s Managing Era, Combination of right and wrong decisions?

It was the year 2015 when Jurgen Klopp joined the English Premiere league as a manager for Liverpool FC. It was a couple of bad years for him and he got noticed for his bad decision and rash behaviors. But all is well that ends well, the time has come. Klopp’s leadership fulfill the dream and Liverpool won the EPL 2019/20 season and became a champion.

All credit goes to the German-born Jurgen Klopp who worked hard extensively to take his team on the top, Liverpool cuts the crap and won the championship after 30 long years wait. Hail Klopp!

Jurgen Klopp born in Stuttgart, his father was a salesman and served as a former goalkeeper in his team. Jurgen’s dream to become a successful footballer always urge him to join the team from his childhood but his dream come true at the age of 23.  His doctoral passion comes to an end when one of his teachers advised him to affiliate himself with football, doctoral is not looking good for you, said by him. So, the young man never looks back and decided to be a footballer. Who knows this young boy will become a sensation in the English premium league after few years.

Any manager’s aggression has been a pinpoint for the commentators and always grasps attention from opponents and the referee seems very active against them. The same in the case with Jurgen Klopp, whose aggressiveness and gestures can be seen during the entire gameplay.

So, is it only the aggression that works very well or managers need to polish their decision-making skills time by time to merge themselves according to the situation easily? We think decision making is a combination of multiple things. Jurgen Klopp’s managing era has been phenomenal, he has made a very impressive decision for his clubs that has registered into a good note.

Klopp’s managing skills are not like others. He has extraordinary skills, to sum up his tactics and applying all of them in once like he is famous for his “Gegenpressing” technique. This technique is used after losing ball possession and immediately attempt to gain possession rather than regrouping again. We believe the Liverpool FC did the same in the entire EPL season.

Jurgen Klopp’s named as the best manager of the year, and this due to his extraordinary leadership skills which still admirable for his previous, Mainz and Borussia Dortmund. “I admit to making the wrong decision for Sadio Mene for not bringing him in my team from Dortmund,” says Jurgen Klopp in a press conference. Great leaders always accept mistakes and wrong decisions and promise to overcome the consequences. It was the worst decision took by Klopp, in his entire managerial era which caused him great loss by losing a start playing with for any reason.

We particularly don’t seem Jurgen Klopp as a bad or good decision-maker, rather we consider him as a good or bad manager but this is the man whose decisions are always in favor of his team. Whether the decision is good or bad he has confidence in its which depicts his control over his bad intuitions and fans anticipations.