“Messi-Ronaldo will be unforgettable even if they don’t win the World Cup” – Football World

“Messi-Ronaldo will be unforgettable even if they don’t win the World Cup”

The Qatar World Cup is Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo’s last World Cup in their careers. They may not be seen on the world stage after that.

That’s why Argentine and Portuguese stars Messi-Ronaldo want to end their careers by winning the World Cup in Qatar. But even if they don’t win the World Cup, what they have done in football so far will be remembered forever. Portugal’s former star soccer player Luís Figo said so.

Argentina backed out after losing to Saudi Arabia in their first match at the Qatar World Cup. But they are back again in the fight Argentina won their second match 2-0 against Mexico on Saturday night.

Luís Figo is in India as an expert commentator for the World Cup. He told reporters that a person’s skill does not depend on winning the World Cup. But winning the World Cup or the European Cup is definitely a great honor. But despite that, what Messi-Ronaldo did throughout his career will go down in football history.

Luís Figo said: “I don’t like to compare at all. Because every generation is different. Football players are also different. Competitors are also different. There is no comparison between them. But Messi-Ronaldo’s achievements in the last 15 years are incredible. If they win WC it will be their memory forever. We can’t forget what they have done before.

Figo said: about the Portugal team in the World Cup in Qatar, Portugal is one of the best teams in this World Cup. Every footballer in our team is good. They play in the best club in the world. Portugal can win this World Cup. Also, the Brazilian team is very strong. Their second-half performance against Serbia proved that.