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Now it’s Neymar’s turn to realize love

Neymar is now 30 years old. And Neymar’s love for football comes from his childhood. Neymar himself, the most jealous girl in the world of football, said that he would reciprocate if he was deprived!

As time went on, the relationship deepened, and trust and understanding grew. Neymar has had to stop at times due to injury, but the bond has never been broken. Having walked a long way together, the pair set foot in the oasis of Qatar with the satisfaction of picking up some pebbles of success.

Brazil opens the Qatar World Cup with a match against Serbia today. Neymar’s test begins. Success and failure will be counted in the hands of time. But Neymar knows that winning the World Cup is the result of his love for football.

Brazil returns home with its last Asian title; At the Korea-Japan tournament in 2002. In 2006, “The Phenomenon” Ronaldo-Ronaldinho could not handle the surge of success. Robinho-Fabiano failed in the next round of South Africa. In 2014, Brazil landed on Neymar’s shoulders.

The duo of soccer and Neymar had a nice time. Everything went well until the quarter-final against Fortaleza Da Colombia.

His love for football was rekindled. The 30-year-old striker is in great form at PSG. He has 15 goals and 12 assists in 20 games played this season. In addition to scoring goals, he regularly sets the course for the attack. All is well except for the “The context of the debate” problem with PSG teammate Kylian Mbappe.

There is no doubt about his dedication and commitment to football. Every movement, from dribbles to passes, to shots, even to the header, has the tone of beautiful football. Many people may not keep up with the wrong statistics, even if the opponent sarcastically says “Natuku” because of the opponent’s soft tackle, but the opponent desperately tries to stop him.

Neymar is the most exposed player for the 2022-23 season with 66 fouls so far. He got 26 fouls in five games at the WC in Russia!

Neymar cannot wait to paint the history of this World Cup in the colors of success. Although he is quiet, he is away from the media. But preparations at Al Arabi Sports Club’s pitch showed him listening, shooting, and passing the ball to ‘continue’. As he dribbles, his feet and ball whisper as if they are talking.

Neymar needs to continue this story to keep the ‘love’ alive. In order to shape the outcome, the World Cup must be won.