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unlikely to be true Croatia eliminated Brazil in the semifinals

Croatia did not lose a match in overtime at the World Cup held in Russia. It’s like they’re writing the same script for the World Cup in Qatar.

Last season’s runners-up won the tied match and advanced to the semi-finals. Brazil, who took over to win the Hexa, wept.

Brazil cannot. After 90 scoreless minutes against Croatia, the match went to extra time. Croatia equalized with Bruno Petkoviฤ‡’s goal just 10 minutes after Neymar’s goal in added time. After extra time, the match was tied 1-1 and therefore a tiebreak was announced. Croatia beat Brazil 4-2 in a penalty shootout to advance to the semi-finals.

Brazil could not hold the lead for long. Just 10 minutes after Neymar’s goal, Petkovic equalized for Croatia (1-1). He scored in the 116th minute of the match.

If you win, the semi-finals are guaranteed. Goodbye if you lose. Last season’s runners-up Croatia face five-time world champions Brazil in the quarter-final match in such a tough equation.

Brazil competes with Croatia’s strategy and its own shortcomings at the Education City Stadium in Qatar on Friday. 90 minutes of play is a goalless draw. The match went to 30 minutes of extra time. If no goals are scored during extra time, a penalty shootout will take place.