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‘Al Rihla’ signals offside for WC

The first World Cup that used balls made of animal stomachs took place in 1930. Then, with the passage of time, various sophisticated balls for the World Cup appear in the modern world. But to invalidate all “balls”, this year’s World Cup ball “Al Rihla” was up for debate.

The word “Al Rihla” in Arabic means journey. It is the official match ball for the 2022 FIFA World Cup held in Qatar. Made by Adidas, this ball is made of the colors of Qatar’s culture, architecture, symbolic boat, and flag. The design of the ball is very different and different from other games. But aside from the design, this ball has a modern touch of technology that the era brought with it.

The ball has a suspended inertial measurement unit (IMU) that instantly provides the Video Assistant Referee (VAR) with highly detailed ball movement data. The ball has ‘CRT Core’ and Speedshell. This will make VAR more modern. So the referees can make accurate and quick decisions on the big stage of the World Cup.

If the ball is offside, the referee makes an immediate decision that results in a goal being disallowed, even by a narrow margin. Although there are various controversies and criticisms surrounding offside, Al Rihla plays an important role in a fair decision. Al Rihla uses 12 large and 8 small panels. This ball is made with 20 panels of premium leather or Speedshell. The ball can send accurate real-time data to the game monitor based on VAR or VAR technology. 3D animations will show the exact position of the players involved in each football-themed event.

The main function of the panels is to keep the shape of the ball and the path of the windfall (aerodynamically) correct, thanks to the macro and microstructure. Mainly, the inclusion of these panels is to allow players to shoot perfectly and have control over the trajectory of the ball. Sensors used on the ball will signal the virtual referee at least 500 times per second to ensure matches are officiated correctly. In addition, this ball is “friendly” with goalkeeper gloves and football boots, so that the players can play comfortably and the ball feels comfortable for the goalkeeper.

“Offside” is solely responsible for not conceding goals in soccer. The players scored the goal despite it being difficult, but it was disallowed due to offside. However, even after this goal’s cancellation review, there was much controversy and criticism about touching the ball. But thanks to Al Rihla’s advanced technology, the referees help the offside signal a lot. As a result, a legal rejection or target decision is seen.