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Shirt number 10, why do the best choose it?

The jersey number is 10. The number of footballers who became famous by wearing this numbered jersey is not at all small. According to many, this shirt inspires perfection. This jersey number is considered by some to be the most respected number in football history. There are reasons. Argentina’s Maradona or Brazil’s Pele are still considered the world’s most legendary footballers. Both wore the number 10 shirt. Pele introduced the number 10 shirt for the first time.

Now the question is: Why do the best soccer players in the world want to choose this numbered jersey first? One of the reasons for this is believed to be Pele and Maradona.

Many believe that Argentinian Lionel Messi is currently the world’s best soccer player. Many consider it one of the greatest in history. His jersey has the same number. So why did Messi choose the number 10 shirt? Have you ever been inspired? In fact, Messi did not start the match wearing the number 10 shirt. His shirt number was 30 when he started playing for Barcelona’s first team. When Ronaldinho left the team a few years later, he was given the number 10 shirt. Like Ronaldinho, he bought that shirt by accepting one of the main pillars of the team.

Besides Pele-Maradona-Messi, the best players to wear the number 10 shirt: Juan Roman Riquelme, Michel Platini, Johan Cruyff, Ferenc Puskas, Zinedine Zidane, Ronaldinho, Rivaldo, Wayne Rooney, Alessandro Del Piero, Francesco Totti, Sergio Agüero, Neymar, Philippe Coutinho, Roberto Baggio, and others.

Portuguese Ronaldo entered the field wearing shirt number 7. If someone else is known to wear this shirt like him, then shirt number 7 can also be considered the best shirt of the future.

Not only football but also the best jerseys in cricket have been worn with this number. One of its examples is Sachin Tendulkar. Also, players like Shahid Afridi of Pakistan and Allan Donald of South Africa took the field wearing jersey number 10.

News: Anandabazar newspaper.